Norman Rosenthal - Testimonials

Dr Norman Rosenthal was interviewed 30-40 minutes on high-profile Jenny Crwys Williams Show on Radio 702 in September 2011 about his new book Transcendence — Healing and Transformation through Transcendental Meditation.
– Prof Rosenthal is a world expert on depression and anxiety.



health practitioner - TestimonialsAfter just my first meditation of 20 minutes, I felt completely grounded and at peace. Now, just two weeks later, not much fazes me. Interestingly I no longer allow people to ‘walk’ over me, I stand up for myself more, with peace and love in my heart. My relationships have improved and I am far better able to express myself. Situations which normally would have stressed me out, now don’t have the emotional charge that goes with it. People are commenting on how more peaceful and happy I am. They say I am looking really good and am glowing.
—Dr Mari Jordi, health practitioner



Hugh Jackman - Testimonials

Russell Simmons - TestimonialsTranscendental Meditation promotes stillness—and when you are still is the only time you can think, the only time you can focus. When you have distractions and noise in your mind, you can’t comprehend properly and you can’t do your job.
– Russell Simmons, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a founder of Hip-Hop




TestimonialsFor me Transcendental Meditation is the greatest blessing and most valuable and transformative of all gifts. I learnt TM in 2009, as a remedy for post-traumatic stress. My commitment to TM means I make time for my practice each and every day, and five years on, this simple, twice daily, 20 minute meditation technique called TM has had a profound impact on all aspects of my life. It is the combination of something so simple yet so profound that most fascinates me about TM.For me TM is a technique of moreness, more patience, more forgiveness, more determination, more tenacity, more caring, more kindness, more courage, greater generosity, greater truth, more compassion, more love and more and more and more and more…….spontaneous, synchronous abundance.In Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, there lived a truly remarkable man.
It is exciting to think that for all of us, in learning and practicing TM, there is a deep, expansive, beautiful and endless ocean of bliss awaiting. As a testimonial only, it seems a little limited. I feel I could write an entire book on my TM experience.
With love and appreciation.
Warren Hammond


It allows me to become one with my thoughts and body. It’s a way to connect with my inner thoughts and allow myself to release all the weariness that stresses me out. Before, I did not know the true meaning of meditation and what it does for you. I thought it was based on religion and only a certain group of people/professors could practice it. Now I have experienced that Transcendental Meditation is non-religious and people of all faiths can enjoy the benefits – reduction of stress, improvement of health, memory and creativity.Since I’ve been doing TM twice a day I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself. I’m more confident and outspoken. I’m no longer concerned about what people think or even say about me. I know myself better than anyone else does. It’s all thanks to meditation. Step by step each day I’m gaining more self-control and my listening skills have definitely improved. I’m avoiding all things that don’t define me. I’m taking in everything that makes me happy. Transcendental Meditation truly added value to my life.
Jodine Swarts – Student

“I always knew that meditation was highly beneficial, but I found it very difficult to do. With TM I was really surprised at its effortless simplicity. Meditation went from something I had to do, to something I couldn’t wait to do. I am astounded at the impact it has had on all different areas of my life. I’ve had an enormous increase in productivity and I am able to be more creative at work. I am generally much happier and less stressed. My health and sleep patterns have also improved tremendously as a result. My only regret is that I didn’t start TM 10 years ago. It really has made all the difference for me. I am so excited for anyone else who chooses to share in this beautiful gift.”